How to clean your personal desk, these eight tips are perfect!

1,Streamline your office supplies and personal supplies

To learn to organize, the first point is to streamline your office supplies, personal items, for things you can’t use or rarely use, please remove them from your desk, office cabinet, and put them to no A place that takes up space.

How to clean your personal desk, these eight tips are perfect!

2,Desktop computers cannot be moved up and down to purchase upgrades

Many office desktop computers can’t move up and down, so it is not very good for some people’s cervical vertebrae. Xiaobian suggested buying a suitable size of the heightening frame, and in the case of adjusting the height, it can also free up some space, which is really two-fold.

3,Use the elevated rack to place small pieces of office supplies

The second step is to use the heightening frame to give you some space. There are a lot of items that can be placed on the shelf. Most of the items can be scattered, such as office equipment, ink pad, etc. If you have a drawer, the space in the drawer can also be used.

4,The file box should pay attention to the files that are frequently used and to be processed;

Xiaobian’s requirement for the file box is that only the files to be processed and frequently processed must be placed, because the file box is placed on the desktop, and if the files that are not commonly used can be completely collected, do not take up too much space, so clean up your file box regularly. It is necessary!

5,The computer desktop and the desktop must be placed only for the files to be processed;

The desktop of the computer is just as important as the desktop. That is, only the files to be processed are placed on the desktop of the computer, so that the large space on the desktop can be placed in a timely manner, which can improve your efficiency. It is even more difficult to avoid the situation where you can’t find the file.

6,If you are afraid of trouble, you can buy usb hub;

When inserting a USB flash drive, it always goes to the host below. It is also more troublesome to go, so I bought the usb hub directly and placed it under the computer screen. It is very convenient and does not take up space~

How to clean your personal desk, these eight tips are perfect!

7,Take advantage of the office cabinet below the desk;

Generally, a desk will always be equipped with an office cabinet, so you must make good use of this office cabinet. In addition to placing your own office bag, the first layer can be used to place frequently used keys, meal cards, and the like. The second layer can put your working files, other random ~

8,Whether the placement of green plants will affect your overall working area;

Warm reminder, although the green plants are good, but also pay attention not to affect the overall working area of your desk, your work area must be guaranteed, otherwise it is not very good for you to improve work efficiency!

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