A high quality office chair should have these advantages!

In addition to solid wood furniture, the market is now processed by the chemical industry and other products. Generally, there are some smells. Office chairs manufacturers, if the smell is pungent, generally chemical residues, even if it is not harmful substances, some It smells like a kind of aroma, and there is no obvious type of fragrance. Normal is a little bit of taste, but not thick and not pungent, not aroma.

A high quality office chair should have these advantages!

In the daily use process, the home office chair manufacturer, the office chair will inevitably be damaged. Therefore, for the majority of consumers, office chair brands, want to extend the use of the chair, then you should have a specific understanding of the specific maintenance methods. The specific maintenance method is clarified to ensure the corresponding effect. Different office chair brands, Kaiping City office chairs, and corresponding maintenance methods will have certain differences. When carrying the chair, it should be handled with care. In particular, be careful not to bump. Because of this, it is very important to understand the price of office chairs.

A good office chair should meet the following criteria:

Must have a height-adjustable device and a flexible 360-degree arbitrary rotation basic function.

The depth and width of the seat should be correct, the front edge of the chair should be kept circular, and the fiber cloth with good air permeability should be selected.

A backrest that supports the body and relieves fatigue. The curve design of the human waist size is used to prevent the waist spine from arching and to protect the lumbar spine.

The chair must be moved with the body, not limited to the user, only a sitting position.

Choose a five-pronged foot with a large bottom area and high safety. The chair must be able to move freely, so that the chair with wheels is used, and the wheels are made of different materials depending on the softness and hardness of the floor.

The chair must not have a bad design that hooks the clothes or obstructs the work. If a chair with armrests is used, it is necessary to use a material with a good touch on the surface of the armrest. All adjustments are simple and easy to operate. It should be designed to add accessories such as handrails at any time.

This is a lightweight lounge chair. The curves of the entire lounge chair are rigorously designed according to ergonomics. It does not affect the normal conversation of the user, but it can also be a small one. The curved base can be used as a rocking chair. The sitting part and the backrest are the same height, and the appearance is full and full of personality.

Curved shape, the material is woven, light and load-bearing, full of modern flavor and retro rhythm beauty.

The chair is both practical and ideal for home and leisure.

It is like a chair made of air. The sculpture-like shape is full of modernity. The whole space seems to penetrate it, but it can’t get rid of it. This may be the power of design. The chair of modern classic design is not only comfortable. There is an extraordinary effect, the curved metal branches form an organic shape, and the simple shape has a complicated structure.

  1. All metal mesh welding
  2. Surface plating treatment
  3. Leather or PVC seat cushion
  4. Foldable

The main materials are as follows:

  1. The seat plate, backrest and writing board are made of high-purity original PP (polypropylene) engineering plastic material, which is injection molded by low temperature disposable mold. The seat plate, back plate and writing board rubber plate are black, dark blue and light gray. Color optional, high-quality low-carbon A3 cold-rolled steel pipe surface pickling, phosphating and high-temperature electrostatic spraying tripod, product seat surface and backrest can be increased by the need to add fabric cushion, fabric color optional! Optional configuration of the basket (book blue / book network / book box);
  2. Tripod process description: Cold-rolled steel tripod welding adopts carbon dioxide protection welding. The surface of the steel pipe is cured by high temperature, such as degreasing, descaling, phosphating, electrostatic spraying, etc. The quality is durable and not easy to rust;

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